Whitestone Bridge Deck Replacement






This aggressive redecking project took place over a 36-month construction schedule. The redecking took place while maintaining a single permanent lane closure with three lanes of traffic maintained in the peak direction and two in the off-peak direction. Using this single-lane approach, the roadway areas were replaced in stages with modular deck units on a lane-by-lane basis. Pre-stage work involved installing a flexible shield system and relocating the power, lighting, and communication from their original position within the median barrier. Next, the median barrier/deck was replaced with a temporary framing/ deck and a movable barrier system. This allowed for lane-by-lane deck replacement while maintaining traffic. Other major work performed under Project BW-82 included Complete electrical and communication system replacement, miscellaneous steel repairs, installation of four suspended span travelers, installation of new fire protection and standpipe system, underdeck lateral bracing replacement, replacement of girder pins at anchorages, and coatings removal and application.