UConn – Central Co-Gen Chiller Facility






O&G was contracted by Select Energy Services, Inc. to build this co-generation/chilled water facility in the heart of UConn Storrs Campus.

The addition encompasses a 15,000 SF primary floor, an 8,000 SF second floor, and a 7,000 SF third-floor mezzanine. This addition to the existing Central Utility Plant generates 6,300 tons of chilled water and 22 MW (megawatts) of electrical power utilizing a combustion gas turbine. Electricity and steam generated from the new facility meet the existing and future requirements of the University and enable the campus to become self-sufficient for all electrical and thermal needs.

Select Energy Services, which held the contract with UConn, hired O&G as the building contractor and construction manager. O&G self-performed the site and concrete work.

Other utility and infrastructure projects completed for UConn include the North Campus Utility Extension.

UConn Co-Gen Chiller Facility in Mansfield, CT