Metro-North Railroad Bridges






This contract involved numerous projects along Metro-North Railroad mainline from Milford to West Haven, Connecticut. Two of the bridges included rehabilitation of the existing substructures and replacement of the superstructure along with utilities, drainage, curbs, sidewalks, and paving. Most of the bridge work was performed under limited headroom conditions in the vicinity of active electrical, communications, and signal wires. A third bridge involved dismantling the existing superstructure and erection of a new steel superstructure, removal of the gas ball, setting up the waste stockpile area, and other miscellaneous construction. Catenary work included repairs to the existing foundations and structures, construction of new foundations and structures, and installation of all wire and equipment associated with the new system. The final portion of the project involved renovations and improvements to the Milford Railroad Station. This renovation included provisions for ADA upgrades to platforms and parking areas; construction of an accessible route including two sets of switch-backs, covered ramps on both sides of the tracks, stairways, and walkways; renovation of existing platforms including new canopies, handrails, tactile edges, and lighting; extension of the eastbound platform; renovation of the parking lots.