I-95 Interchange (14&15) and Auxiliary Lanes






The project consists of a continuous auxiliary lane in each direction of I-95 between Interchanges 14 and 15. The southbound auxiliary lane runs from the Route 7 entrance ramp to the Route 1 exit and is approximately 2,300 feet in length. The northbound auxiliary lane extends from the Scribner Avenue entrance to the Route 7 exit, an approximate length of 2,100 feet. A two-lane exit ramp is being provided from the I-95 southbound exit onto Route 1. This ramp will be developed into a three-lane section to provide dual-left and single-right turn lanes. A number of additional infrastructure improvements are being incorporated into the project to accommodate the auxiliary lanes, improve operations at specific locations and address drainage needs. Three overpass bridges will be replaced to span the additional lanes on I-95 and increase vertical clearances. The drainage collection system will be upgraded to provide for roadway changes and to increase the system capacity, which is currently inadequate and the cause of chronic local flooding along Route 1. Improvements to Route 1 include left-turn lanes at the entrance ramp to I-95 southbound, Taylor Avenue, and Cedar Street. Sidewalks, seven feet in width, will be provided along both sides of Route 1.