I-91 Charter Oak Bridge Project






This project is being performed as a joint venture with BHD Construction. The I-91 Charter Oak Bridge Project includes two projects designed to reduce congestion and improve safety in Hartford, East Hartford, and Wethersfield. 

Project #1 (State Project No. 63-703) – Relocation of Interstate 91 (I-91) Northbound Exit 29 and widening of I-91 Northbound and Routes 5/15 Northbound to I-84 Eastbound: This portion of the project addresses safety concerns associated with congestion and operational failures in Hartford and East Hartford at Exit 29 on I-91 northbound, which connects to Routes 5/15 North, Route 2, and I-84 East. Improvements include: 

  • Relocation of I-91 northbound Exit 29 
  • Provide two lanes 
  • Construct new exit ramp, exiting I-91 northbound from the left lane, and entering the Charter Oak Bridge from the left lane (5 spans, 880’ long) 
  • Widen I-91 northbound 
  • Extend four-lane section from Exit 27 to Exit 29 
  • Widen Route 15 northbound  
  • Provide four lanes from Charter Oak Bridge to the Silver Lane underpass 

Project #2 (State Project No. 159-191) – Resurfacing, Bridge and Safety Improvements on I-91: This portion of the project includes improvements to extend the service life of the pavement and bridges (milling/paving & subsurface concrete repairs) between the Elm St. overpass in Wethersfield and the new Exit 29 off-ramp in Hartford. Improvements include: 

  • Concrete pavement repairs 
  • Bituminous concrete resurfacing 
  • Median reconstruction 
  • Bridge repairs/improvements  
  • Scour remediation for Bridge No. 01460 over Wethersfield Cove 
  • Roadside protection and safety improvements 
  • Drainage improvements 
  • Overhead signing upgrades 
  • Illumination upgrades