Energy & Innovation Park, New Britain Fuel Cell Project






O&G’s Heavy Civil division for is the EPC Contractor for Balance of Plant for the Energy & Innovation Park in New Britain. The first of three proposed phases for the project is about providing clean energy to the state’s electric grid – while laying the groundwork for major regional economic development.

During this phase, a 19.8 MW fuel cell power plant will be constructed at the New Britain campus of Stanley Black and Decker. 80,000 square feet of an existing building on the site will be demolished to house 67 fuel cell units. This plant and technology will provide Class 1 Renewable Power at competitive market rates while assuring forward capacity and black start capability, all from Connecticut generating sources.

The Bloom fuel cells are highly efficient and capable of generating up to 300kw per unit. They generate energy without combustion by means of an ultra-clean electrochemical reaction. Certified to be ultra-low emissions by the California Air Resources Board, these fuel cells present an amazing low carbon footprint generation opportunity that maintains affordability for the Connecticut ratepayer.

The project sponsors plan to use byproducts from the fuel cell’s electricity generation to provide heating capabilities for nearby businesses.

As a stand-alone project, Phase I would be impressive not just in scale and scope, but also in the thoughtfulness of its design. But the true brilliance of this project lies in its potential to act as a catalyst for transformative economic development in New Britain, creating over 600 new jobs in the first year and generating millions in private investments.

Phases 2 and 3 of the overall project are planned to leverage this clean cogeneration energy source to support an “Energy and Innovation Park”, incorporating additional generation, microgrid capabilities, and the development of a high-performance computing and data center and innovation corridor.