O&G is a leader in producing high quality, low embodied carbon concrete. Whether we are using aggregate produced entirely by solar power from our Southbury quarry or incorporating post-consumer recycled products into our mixes we are on the cutting edge of sustainability in our industry. We are partnered with Climate Earth to offer EPD generation and carbon analysis of our concrete mixes.

O&G provides hundreds of standard and specialty concrete mixes for residential, commercial, industrial, and DoT projects. Our central dispatch team and our fleet of ninety concrete mixers ensure fast, timely delivery to your project site.

Through our network of modern concrete plants that includes three central mix plants and five dry batch plants we provide service to Fairfield, New Haven, Hartford and Litchfield counties. If you need a specialty mix, our Technical Services Team is capable of designing mixes to the meet most exacting specifications.

How much embodied carbon can O&G eliminate in your projects?

O&G Industries Project Builder™

Free O&G Tool to Optimize a Project for Low Carbon

Designed for the specifier to quickly see the reduced carbon potential for any project.

Engineering and designing new low-carbon mixes that meet all constructibility requirements is a new challenge for engineers, architects, and general contractors.

A first in the Northeast, the O&G Industries Project Builder™ is a free and powerful tool that enables specifiers to quickly see the range of possible embodied carbon impact for an entire project, by concrete mix, at any stage in the design cycle.

Quick and easy to use, this tool provides the footprint data from a certified Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) for a specified concrete mix. The downloadable detail report forms a basis for collaborating with O&G experts to create the optimal solution for any project while meeting all performance requirements.

Our Concrete Products

Please contact us if you don’t see what you are looking for. We can produce specialty materials to meet any specification or project need.

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