Transit Facilities

Improving our transportation infrastructure through bus maintenance garages, rail yard repair facilities, aviation projects, and more.

Despite the complexities of transit projects, we keep people on the go by minimizing disruptions and maintaining continuity of service.

Waterbury Bus Maintenance Facility

The new 276,000 SF bus storage and maintenance facility accommodate the storage and maintenance of a mixed fleet of 98 mass transportation vehicles, including 40′ and 35′ buses, plus smaller, 28′ paratransit body-on-chassis (BOC) vehicles and lower-level parking for 151 employee cars.

The facility operates as part of the CT Transit Statewide Bus System. It provides interior parking for the entire fleet, a service lane with an automatic bus wash, indoor fueling, farebox retrieval, a vehicle maintenance area with lifts and component repair areas, an administrative office area, and employee welfare facilities for the drivers and maintainers.