This renovation of a 40-year old building includes a new exterior envelope, redesigned classrooms, planetarium, science, chemistry and biology laboratories, offices, elevator, computer room, renovated bathrooms, robotics laboratory/classroom, new entrances and a completely redesigned auditorium. The new north entrance incorporates millwork wall panels, exposed structural steel columns and a lighted five-by-twelve-foot fossil pit built into the lobby floor, covered with two-and-a-half inch glass.

There is also a glass-enclosed robotics display area which houses a student-created robot and flat screen TV's. The east entrance houses a lighted 24-foot high by six-foot wide glass display. A glass-enclosed rooftop botanical walkway was constructed for growing plants and conducting experiments. Energy saving upgrades included installation of state-of-the-art MEP systems, motion sensors, day-lighting controls, skylights, solar-tube skylights in offices, waterless urinals, programmable display lighting and HVAC energy recovery units.