Platt less than a year away

Platt High School via Meriden Record Journal
October 13, 2016

Less than a year of work remains at Platt High School, which is currently 87.6 percent complete, Grove said. The $111.8 million project is projected to finish $388,000 under budget.

The large and small gyms, auditorium, administrative offices and main entrance are the major items left for contractor O&G Industries Inc., Grove said.

Crews are expected to complete work on the gyms and auditorium early next year.

“In February, all those areas will be accessible to students,” Grove said.

Until then, students will continue to have modified gym classes and utilize the auditorium at Lincoln Middle School across the street. Some sports teams, including volleyball and basketball, will have to practice off site.

“Physical education classes in the winter time will have to make accommodation because we won’t have a large gym,” Grove said.

Construction is still underway in the main entrance of the building and administrative offices, which have been temporarily set up in three classrooms near the parent drop-off.

Work has posed minimal interruption to students during the school day.

“This is the third year and students and staff are used to it by now,” Grove said. “O & G also did a nice job phasing this project so there’s no integration of our students and construction going on. The walls are blocked off, paths have been created so students are walking around the construction and never coming in contact with any construction areas.”

While some were critical of certain design components, including the rocks displayed near the parent drop-off entrance of the school, Grove said the stones have actually been used as benches by students waiting for rides.

“The rocks are actually functioning well,” Grove said, adding no students had been reported injured.

Work is expected to be fully complete by the start of the next school year.

“I’m very excited about Platt’s progress,” Grove said. “It’s a large upgrade from what we had before.”