O&G nears completion of interactive design studio

Bridgeport Earth Products Showcase
November 3, 2015

An expanded showroom for O&G Industry’s masonry division will allow customers to see more products and displays in a revamped space. A design center near completion upstairs will let them see into the future.

The recently completed first phase of renovations at O&G’s Bridgeport location, at 325 Hancock Ave., includes an updated showroom, a larger mason store, an expanded indoor product storage space and a bulk stone yard.

O&G, based in Torrington, also has showrooms in Danbury and Stamford, among other cities.

“Our first Earth Products Showcase opened in Bridgeport over 20 years ago with the specific purpose to display natural stone, brick, tile and paver products to inspire consumers with design ideas,” Kara Oneglia, assistant vice president of O&G Industries, said in a statement. “Heeding the advice of our customers, we redesigned the retail showroom to be more conducive to their needs.”

One level above the showroom and set to open next year will be the company’s first Architectural Design Center, a 2,200-square-foot space that includes interactive technology and a meeting area. Planned for professionals in the design industry, the center allows the viewing of specific cuts and profiles in an array of textures and materials.

“It’s for architects to see how a product might fit against the bones of the facility they’re designing,” said Anita Goerig, director of marketing at O&G, adding that consumers would also be welcome in the design center.

“Just by clicking and doing a drop and drag you’ll be able to see the evolution of a building before it happens,” Goerig said.

O&G Industries, founded in 1923, is among the largest suppliers of masonry products and services in New England. Its construction division is active around the region, and has completed 39 school construction projects worth more than a half-billion dollars in Bridgeport in the last two decades.

The downstairs showroom was last revamped about a decade ago. “We’ve had calls from consumers to bring in more product updates within the showroom,” Goerig said. The new showroom displays full-scale facades and patios featuring a variety of veneers, natural stone and concrete paver patios.

The interactive technology planned for the design center is becoming more common, Goerig said. “The technology is constantly growing and evolving,” she said. “That allows us to integrate technology into everything we sell, and consumers can see exactly what they’ll have and what it could look like.”