O&G completes Route 175 Bridge in Newington

Route 175 Bridge in Newington, CT
Route 175 Bridge in Newington, CT
January 24, 2018

O&G Industries, one of the country's Top 400 Contractors, recently completed the Route 175 Bridge Replacement in Newington, Connecticut.

The project, awarded by the Connecticut Department of Transportation, is one of the first Accelerated Bridge Construction projects completed in the State.  Accelerated Bridge Construction is a process by which a bridge is largely pre-fabricated offsite, then "installed" during short windows of time to reduce the impact to motorists, AMTRAK service on the rail line beneath the bridge and accelerate overall time to completion. 

The Route 175 project was completed in only five months using this design/build methodology, while limiting lane closures to two weekends in late summer.  Construction on the project began in May of 2017 and was completed in the fall of 2017.