O&G's Masonry Division Announces the Renovations in its Bridgeport Showroom

May 12, 2015

O&G is excited to share its renovation plans at the Earth Products Showcase space at 325 Hancock Avenue Bridgeport, estimated to be complete by June 30th. Plans for the 20,000 S/F space includes the creation of flexible spaces that will feature a new architectural design center, an updated masonry showroom, an extended masonry store with indoor storage space and stone yard.

Prompting the facelift at O&G's Bridgeport showroom is the consolidation of two stone yards earlier this year into one location to provide better service for its customers.

The 20,000 S/F space is undergoing renovations to its stone showroom and displays, while extending its storage space, mason store and stone yard. In addition, a new 2,200 S/F state-of-the-art architectural design center is also being constructed. The new design center will be available to those looking for custom or special orders and features interactive technology where the customer can view specific cuts and profiles in an array textures and materials.

“Our first Earth Products Showcase opened in Bridgeport over twenty years ago with the specific purpose to display natural stone, brick, tile and paver products to inspire consumers with design ideas” remarked Kara Oneglia, Assistant Vice-President of O&G Industries. “The extensive facelift of the original 20,000 S/F area will allow us to offer more flexible spaces, including updated showroom vignettes and a new 2,200 S/F architectural design center with interactive technology for collaborative meetings. Also included in the plans are the existing mason store, storage space and stone yard.”

Construction Schedule and Renovation News 
During the renovations, customers will have limited access to stone product displays; however, the tile showroom remains open for business. O&G anticipates renovations completed by June 30th. Check O&G’s website regularly, or call the Bridgeport facility at 203-337-5119, so you know what to expect when visiting the showroom. In celebration to the upcoming grand reopening O&G has several promotions, close out specials, and discontinued products for customers to consider, and are offered directly through the showrooms.