Addition Planned At Saint Joseph’s Cathedral

Groundbreaking at Saint Joseph’s Cathedral
September 14, 2014

Groundbreaking is planned next week for construction of a 3,000-square-foot addition on the west side of the Cathedral of Saint Joseph on Farmington Avenue in Hartford.  The project will include installation of sixteen lavatories and an elevator.

The rector of the Cathedral, Monsignor John J. McCarthy, says the elderly and those with special mobility needs will have access to a covered drop-off point near the elevators

$5.5 million has been raised for the project and future renovations.  United Technologies Corporation and Otis Elevator will donate the new elevator.  Benefactors include James Manafort of Manafort Brothers, which will oversee the excavation and site development, and Gregory Oneglia of O&G Industries, which will build the addition.

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