Academy of Engineering and Green Technology Kicks off Nepal 2.0 Wind & Solar Power Systems Project Surrounded by Supporting Partners at Hard-hat Hand-off

Hard-hat Hand-off at Hartford Public Schools
March 16, 2015

On Friday, March 6th  Mr. Mangus’ classroom, Room 132 at the Academy of Engineering and Green Technology at Hartford Public High School was host to the Hardhat Hand-off where the school's advisory board members and business partners met the 22 Hartford students on the Nepal 2.0 team.

The partners learned more about what this unique project means to the students, gathered details about the project, and saw the Engineering classroom and Robotics lab.

During the Hard Hat Hand-Off, there was a short presentation about the Nepal 2.0 project by the Academy’s principal, Mike Maziarz; the Academy’s Teacher of the Year, Dave Mangus; Laura, a junior at AoEGT; and the project manager of Nepal 2.0, former training manager for NU, Tom Burns.
Visitors learned about the original Nepal project in 2013, found out why this year’s project, Nepal 2.0, is even more challenging, heard about how this project is changing an entire school, and  found out about  the critical role of yaks (yes, the animal) in this project, including learning a new word, "Yack-able," which means anything that can be carried on a yak's back.

The students met the attending partners and were presented with their hard hats which they helped each other to adjust.  The partners took turns addressing the students about saftey on the job.  Many partners, engineers, architects and contractors talked about saftey records, and the fact that companies that are hired have spotless saftey records.

The students were very excited about receiving their hard hats, and enjoyed speaking with people working in the careers they are interested in entering.

The Academy of Engineering and Green Technology thanks all of their partners for their generous contributions of hard hats to the Nepal 2.0 team.

Visiting partners to AoEGT included Dayl Walker, Meaghan MacDonald and Adam Fey of CBIA, Thomas Roberts of Loureiro Engineering, Rebeccah Eldridge of MBH Architecture, and Seth Duke of O&G Industries.

About Nepal 2.0 (Information courtesy of CBIA)

In 2013, eight students at the Academy of Engineering and Green Technology (AEGT) at Hartford High School, working with business and college mentors, made history by designing and building a renewable power system that brought power to the village of Saldang, Nepal for the first time. In 2015, two additional teams of students from AEGT will design two more wind and solar systems to power the remote villages of Namdo and Karang, nestled within the Himalayan Mountains.  The two teams will research, design and construct the turbines as part of their project-based engineering class. As in 2013, the students will harness the power of the wind and sun to bring energy to people living 13,000 feet high in the mountains.  

Partially funded by the Werth Family Foundation, the Hartford business community, and friends of AEGT, the team is seeking further support to complete this project.

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