Specialty Products

Specialty Products


O&G has the capability to blend specialty products that meet any need or specification through our network of six quarries, eight concrete plants and nine asphalt plants located throughout Connecticut and Eastern New York.  In addition, O&G’s fleet includes hundreds of company owned vehicles that provide fast, on-time delivery right to your project site.

Ball Field Mixes for Sports Facilities

O&G can produce and/or blend custom specialized products for ball fields, infields and athletic fields to meet nearly all specifications.

Thermally Corrective Backfill / Duct bank Concrete

Thermally Corrective Backfill and Concrete materials are specifically designed to optimize ampacity of underground electric power transmission and distribution lines.

  • Thermal Concrete: duct bank encasement
  • Thermal Trench Fill: rapid trench construction in urban streets subject to time limited closings
  • Thermal Granular Fill
  • Thermal Sand

Army Corps of Engineers Approved Breakwater & Jetty Stone

O&G produces granite, limestone and basalt stone of all size for Armour and Toe Stones.  Specifically selected for customer specifications including architectural water feature stones.  O&G can deliver products by truck or load barges at any of our Connecticut coastal facilities or in Hudson, New York.

Equestrian Sand

O&G has experience blending specialty footing products for some of the country’s most well-known horse arenas.  We can custom blend equestrian footing products to meet any specification and have the logistical capability to supply material throughout the Northeast and beyond.

Other Products

Additional products include:

  • Rounded Riprap for River or Stream Restoration (DEEP or DEC projects)

If you have a material need not featured in our product list, please contact us.  We have the capability to provide specialty materials that can meet almost any specification or project need.

More Information

For more information about O&G Specialty Products or to request a project specific or bulk materials quote, contact Sue Duffy by phone at (860) 485-6622 or email sueduffy@ogind.com.

For speciality product ordering and deliveries, call (203) 263-2195. 

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