Concrete Products

Concrete Products


O&G provides dozens of standard and specialty mixes of concrete products for commercial, industrial and DOT (Department of Transportation) projects through our network of eight concrete plants located throughout Connecticut and Eastern New York.  In addition, O&G’s fleet includes 95 company owned concrete mixers that provide fast, on-time delivery right to your project site.

O&G owns a network of six quarries and eight concrete plants that allow us to produce, mix and supply our own concrete products.  We have a proven track record in meeting mix specifications, while each of our concrete plants has onsite testing capabilities to measure product performance.  In addition, our capabilities allow us to complete high volume concrete pouring projects during overnight and weekend shifts.

O&G has extensive experience in supplying concrete products for some of the largest and most complex projects in Connecticut.  We have worked in environments ranging from some of the busiest bridges and high security manufacturing facilities in the region, to foundations of residential homes.

O&G is a Connecticut DAS and DOT Prequalified Contractor.  O&G is also a Massachusetts DCAM and MassDOT Prequalified Contractor.

Concrete Products

  • State DOT approved mixes
  • Flow fill mixes
  • Commercial mixes from 1,800 to 12,000 psi
  • Thermal trench fill for duct bank encasement
  • Specialty mixes produced to your project specifications
  • Lightweight concrete mixes
  • Large concrete blocks
  • Integral colored concrete
  • Waterproof additives

We provide concrete mixes with aggregate sizes ranging from 3/8” to 1.25”. 

If you have a material need not featured in our product list, please contact us.  We have the capability to provide specialty materials that can meet almost any specification or project need.

More Information

For more information about O&G Concrete Products or to request a project specific or bulk materials quote, contact  please contact Nick Macaluso at (860) 618-5863 or

For concrete ordering and dispatch, call (860) 485-6605.

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