O&G is deeply committed to the communities in which we live and work.

O&G is deeply committed to the communities in which we live and work.  We feel that it is our responsibility to not only establish ourselves as a leader within the construction industry but also to establish ourselves as leaders in the local community.

At O&G, our management and staff are passionate about giving back.  O&G’s team contributes thousands of volunteer hours to nonprofit, community and trade organizations each year.  We serve on committees and on Board of Director seats for community organizations throughout the region.  Our staff participate in numerous community activities and can be seen giving back in various manners from coaching local youth sports teams to delivering Thanksgiving meals to seniors.

Our staff are champions of causes ranging from toy drives that benefit hundreds of children each year, to charity walks that raise money and awareness for issues like breast cancer that touch the lives of millions of people each year.

O&G is passionate about youth and the construction industry.  As a result, we established youth construction education programs in Waterbury and Meriden to create awareness of the opportunities that careers in construction can provide to long-term financial and career stability for inner city youth.

Specifically in Meriden, we established the Platt Builds program in partnership with the faculty at Platt High School.  This award-winning community program provides high school students the opportunity to earn credits toward their degree while getting an inside look at an active construction site, receiving interactive lectures from tradesman and learning first-hand about managing a large scale construction project from our experienced team of Project Managers, Superintendents and Engineers.

At the corporate level, we open our doors to numerous groups each year that tour our facilities and project sites throughout the state.  We also provide internships to college students each year that open the pathway to a career in construction.

In addition, we invest in projects that create a better environment for the community at-large.  O&G built a 14-acre dog park at our quarry in Southbury that is enjoyed by pets and their owners.  In Beacon Falls, we transformed a former sand and gravel facility into an open space, conservation area that was donated to the town and has become a very popular recreation facility known as Toby’s Pond and Recreation Park.

At O&G, we believe that community leadership is everyone’s responsibility.