Healthcare Construction

Offering a team-based approach to Healthcare Construction

O&G Industries, Inc. started in 1923 as a road builder and materials supplier before adding vertical construction to its portfolio in the early 60s. The firm’s Healthcare Construction Group was created in the 90s with an expert team working solely on healthcare construction.

Our team strives to make the construction process as easy as possible for the owner. We collaborate closely with architectural, engineering, and related contractors and consultants, offering a single point of responsibility and increased control throughout all project phases in healthcare settings.

St. Mary’s Hospital – Catheterization Lab Expansion    

We pride ourselves on keeping a low profile.

O&G’s Healthcare Construction Group performs work in occupied spaces in a way that minimizes disruptions to staff and patients and maintains utmost safety. We self-perform much of our work, allowing us to control the environment, costs, and schedule better.

We understand that communicating early and often is crucial for healthcare construction to be successful. Our team meets with project owners and committees at all stages to address concerns and devise a plan that works best for everyone. We work directly with healthcare staff to understand the flow of the facility in order to avoid excessive interference with operations.

Certified experts, proven methods

Our ASHE-certified team balances the technical requirements of complex healthcare environments with the safety and comfort of patients, staff, and visitors. Our approaches incorporate the flow of patients and space, the latest technologies, security, privacy, and techniques to minimize disruptions. We have a range of delivery methods and solutions to keep facilities maintained and up to date while complying with regulatory and state agencies.

Our specialized team is comprised of people who work solely on healthcare projects. They are appropriately trained and certified to meet healthcare construction demands. They are fully versed in all state and federal guidelines.

Infection Control:

Working in healthcare settings requires clean, safe environments that support positive patient outcomes. Our team strategizes the sequence of events, layout, and temporary accommodations to eliminate contamination risks before a project commences. Our ICRA techniques may include anterooms, walk-off mats, HEPA filters, regular inspection, and air testing. We also respect and practice hand hygiene, respiratory hygiene (cough etiquette), sharps safety, sterilization, and disinfecting patient-care items.

Life Safety:

During a hospital’s everyday operations, life safety measures protect the safety of patients, visitors, those who work in the hospital, and construction personnel. Our team creates project-specific infection control plans and is committed to compliance with rigorous JACHO standards to strengthen your organization’s care delivery. In our experience, the best life safety programs involve pre-construction risk assessment, interim life safety measures assessments, contractor and staff training, and compliance verification. We regularly test temporary systems, restrict sites to authorized staff, provide training for fire extinguishing equipment, ensure unobstructed exists, confirm fire alarm systems are in good working order, construct smoke-tight temporary partitions, and develop debris removal practices to reduce a building’s flammable fire load. Ultimately, the success of our program depends on how O&G communicates its significance to the individuals whose work impacts life safety.

Our portfolio of projects includes:

Administrative, Cardiac Care, Catheterization Labs, Emergency Departments, Infusion, Oncology, Operating Rooms, Pediatrics, Pharmacy, Physical Therapy, and Radiology
Arnhold Emergency Department at New Milford Hospital
New Milford Hospital – Arnhold Emergency Department