WOMEN IN CONSTRUCTION WEEK SPOTLIGHT: Hailey Bond, Operator, Asphalt Paving Division

WOMEN IN CONSTRUCTION WEEK SPOTLIGHT: Hailey Bond, Operator, Asphalt Paving Division

How did you get started in the construction industry?

Hailey entered the construction industry two years ago as an apprentice with the International Union of Operation Engineers (IUOE). She has been with O&G for her entire apprenticeship.

Tell me about your role.

I run an asphalt finish roller. This means I iron out all the fine details in a paving job to make everything look perfect. I am also responsible for making sure the compaction numbers meet State requirements. I also drive the water truck on paving jobs. As an apprentice, I’m expected to know how to run all the equipment (except cranes). I’m excited to spend more time on all the different machines and learn how to run all the equipment.

*Hailey primarily drives the small dump trucks, box trucks, and forklifts, including the Gradall, during the winter. She has also operated a D6 Dozer, a CAT 318, and a combination backhoe.

Hailey is an integral part of the team at South Main whenever she isn’t operating a roller on an asphalt job. She helps with deliveries and has never batted an eye about running long hauls or the occasional early start. Hailey makes easy work of loading and delivering haybales to job sites, and several people have mentioned how easily she moves both car and truck tires! Hailey always has a way of just making the magic happen! We always miss her when it’s paving season, but we know she’ll be back next winter, and we also know that she’s absolutely killing it wherever she goes!

Penny Pinkerton, Dispatcher, South Main

What’s most exciting/fulfilling about your role?

I really enjoy my job. It has a lot of perks – like amazing coworkers, for one. I’ve learned so much from the people I’ve been honored to work with. Wintertime work is another perk. And I also consider the jobs I’ve been assigned to perks because they have all been respectable.

How does the company support you in your role?

They keep me employed despite the weather. The company is so large and has so many different things going on year-round that when the asphalt plants are shut down for the winter, I am able to work on other projects.

What’s your advice for other women looking to enter the construction industry?

Working in construction can be challenging, and it’s only for some, so my best advice is to do it only if you really enjoy it!