Promoted! Leighton Davis, Asphalt Division Plant Operations Manager

Promoted! Leighton Davis, Asphalt Division Plant Operations Manager

Congratulations to Leighton Davis on his well-deserved promotion to Asphalt Division Plant Operations Manager. In his new role, he will standardize efficient material order processes, oversee the asphalt plant teams, continue leading in client relations, and oversee quality control.

Leighton joined O&G 34 years ago as a Quality Control Engineer overseeing quarry gradations, asphalt, and concrete. As asphalt mix specifications and the industry market evolved, Leighton took the lead on asphalt quality control to ensure this evolution was successful at O&G. In this role, Leighton has worked closely with everyone involved in the process from the O&G asphalt plant teams to clients, even having to create relationships with folks in the construction materials division to ensure there are always enough aggregates to produce asphalt.  All this relationship management makes his transition to his new position seamless (and easy).

In his new role, he will focus on putting the most efficient procedures in place to ensure material orders get to clients quickly and without issues. As he explained, managing an asphalt mix from plant to project takes a lot of coordination. Many asphalt mix variations are supplied to several clients, including O&G projects, every day at our asphalt plants. It would be easy for something to get missed and a customer to get the wrong mix, but ownership saw early on that Leighton has a gift for keeping things organized and running smoothly, making him the perfect person for the job.

It helps that Leighton is well-respected among his coworkers. When everyone is working together like a well-oiled machine, completing the task is effortless. The feeling’s mutual, as Leighton, says the asphalt team and the loader operators make up a great group of people, and all are fully committed to helping make the process as efficient as possible.

Leighton’s promotion marks a new chapter in the future of asphalt at O&G. His sustainable approach and vision for increasing RAP production and incorporating more recycled products into mixes demonstrate his strategic thinking. He is also eager to collaborate with the CT DOT as they introduce new asphalt mixes in Connecticut. This challenge excites him, and he is committed to ensuring O&G’s continued success under his leadership.

Leighton expresses his gratitude for the promotion and acknowledges the faith and trust the Oneglias, especially Ray and Brad, have placed in him over the years. He is thankful for the opportunities they have given him and credits his relationship with them for his professional and personal success. He also appreciates T.J. Oneglia’s support, which has made his job easier through cross-division cooperation.

Leighton loves what he does (he’s been doing it for more than half his lifetime!) and knows that only some fully understand the asphalt process and what goes into meeting the high standards we are held to.  He welcomes questions, so feel free to reach out! And if you do, be sure to congratulate him on his promotion!