O&G Industries Celebrates Completion of 80,000sf School in Providence

O&G Industries Celebrates Completion of 80,000sf School in Providence

Published by High-Profile.com
February 24, 2024

O&G Industries, Inc., of Torrington, Conn., recently completed a fast-track design-build of the Frank D. Spaziano Elementary School in Providence, R.I. This momentous occasion marked the first new school for the city in two decades, and O&G is honored to have been selected as the construction manager for such a significant project. The company’s Building Group, which has constructed over 325 schools in Connecticut since the 1960s, was confident in its ability to complete the school in the required 10-months and showcase its expertise.

On October 7, 2022, the project broke ground and was set to be completed in time for the start of the new school year in September 2023. The O&G team collaborated with Tecton Architects on the 4-story, 80,000sf school that includes special education, art and STEM learning centers, cafeteria and servery, gymnasium, and outdoor play areas. While the design-build process can often pose challenges for construction managers, it allowed the team to have greater control over successfully tackling unexpected issues.

The ambitious timeline necessitated meticulous planning. The team faced several challenges including supply chain issues related to the exterior building envelope. Nevertheless, the team found creative solutions to maintain the schedule, even going to a third shift to get the job done. They employed lean construction management strategies to collaborate more effectively and adapt to changes quickly. 

The collective efforts of the concrete, steel, and framing subcontractors provided the impetus to get the project schedule locked in. A healthy competition among all the subcontractors to exceed their own schedules also served as a strong motivator for everyone. The project also benefited from a mild winter, allowing for steady and consistent progress.

Downes Construction, the OPM for the project, gave the team accolades for finishing the school on schedule and commended the positive relationship between O&G, Rhode Island Department of Education (RIDE), and the City of Providence. This mutual trust will be beneficial as O&G begins construction on the Spaziano Middle School, another project overseen by Downes. 

The team has learned valuable lessons from the challenges faced during this project and is confident in their ability to mitigate similar issues, if they should arise, during the middle school project. 

O&G Industries, Inc. is excited for the opportunity to continue building more schools for the City of Providence and across the Ocean State, strengthening its relationship with the community and creating opportunities for learning and growth.