O&G Industries and the Northwest Regional Workforce Investment Board Launch AEC Workforce Partnership

O&G Industries and the Northwest Regional Workforce Investment Board Launch AEC Workforce Partnership

The Architecture, Engineering, and Construction (AEC) Sector Partnership is a pioneering initiative led by industry experts to champion the merits of AEC professions to targeted audiences. It also seeks to provide local education programs with up-to-date insights into the latest industry trends and curriculum changes required to train new AEC talent collaboratively and cohesively.

In addressing the shortage of skilled AEC professionals, O&G leadership identified multiple reasons for this problem and believes that a committed consortium of business leaders collaborating with local chambers and economic development organizations, education and workforce providers, and community partners can drive dynamic measures to solve the workforce development issues facing the AEC industry in the state.

Working in partnership with the Northwest Regional Workforce Board, under the leadership of Cathy Awwad, all AEC industry professionals have a unique opportunity to convey the AEC narrative and apprise educators, parents, students, and community partners about the various prospects available for students who opt for a career in the AEC field. The mission is to build a talent pipeline by offering resources and tools that connect learners to future jobs.

O&G’s HR & EEO Officer, Beth Dupont, who has led the charge to get this partnership off the ground, explains that “some of us are collaborators, and some of us are competitors. Nevertheless, we believe we can vie for business while still collaborating to establish a better AEC environment for all of us in the long run.”

The business-led focus on AEC aims to evaluate the current market, and the impediments to development, and devise strategies for driving actions. The region’s chambers, workforce development boards, community colleges, universities, and other community partners are committed to collaborating to address the workforce development requirements. In conclusion, by embracing cooperation and creating a more robust talent pipeline, we can ensure the continued growth and prosperity of the AEC industry for the long term.

Photos courtesy of Northwest Regional Workforce Investment Board