EMPLOYEE SPOTLIGHT: James Giannetti, Carpenter Foreman, Heavy Civil

EMPLOYEE SPOTLIGHT: James Giannetti, Carpenter Foreman, Heavy Civil

How long have you been with O&G?

I have been with O&G for 17 years. I began as a carpenter apprentice in 2007.

What do you do in your position at O&G?

I am a Carpenter Foreman for the Heavy Civil division. I lead a crew of carpenters in work ranging from concrete formwork to pile driving.

How did you get started in the industry?

After high school, I started working odd construction jobs during the summer until college. After my first year of college, I decided that college was not the path I wanted to take. I began working for a nonunion construction company. I loved the work and got personal satisfaction at the end of the day being able to see the fruits of my labor.

What do you enjoy most about O&G?

The thing I enjoy most about working at O&G is the relationships that I have built with others in the company. Working for a company with consistent work allows you to get to know people on a personal level and get to know their work habits. Since construction is an inherently dangerous career, it is nice to trust the people working around you. I came to the company green to heavy highway construction and have learned from many talented foremen. Now as a foreman myself, I have supportive superintendents who allow me the flexibility to manage my crew, while also providing guidance when needed.

What makes our company culture unique?

While the company’s core values remain the same, I feel the culture is continuously evolving. As a generation of foremen begin to retire, there is an increasing amount of opportunities available for young talented employees to make O&G their home, which helps to mold our new culture. While the core values and commitment to safety remain at the forefront, O&G realizes that the current generation of workers requires a different approach to become a successful part of the team.

What’s one thing people don’t know about you that they would be surprised to discover?

One thing people don’t know about me is that during my free time, if not spending time with my family, I enjoy being in the woods on a dirt bike or quad.

What’s one thing on your bucket list?

While not an exciting activity or an exotic place, my biggest hope is to be able to see my three girls become happy healthy young adults.