EMPLOYEE SPOTLIGHT: Catey Gravelle, Concrete Division

EMPLOYEE SPOTLIGHT: Catey Gravelle, Concrete Division

How long have you been with O&G?
I have been with O&G for just over a year.

What do you do in your position at O&G?
I am an Administrative Assistant in Quality Control for the Concrete Division.  I work with our materials division to send out aggregate submittals/gradations as well as with our concrete division assisting in submitting concrete mix designs to customers, managing our break tests with labs, and recording data for concrete resistivity tests within our QC program. 

How did you get started in the industry?
One of my good friends has been working for the company for a few years and at the time mentioned that O&G was looking to hire new people for a variety of positions.  Though I come from a retail management position and never worked in the construction industry, I was ready to try something new.  After reviewing some of the available positions, QC Administrative Assistant was a position I knew I was capable of and would be able to learn a lot about the construction industry and O&G’s daily operations.

What do you enjoy most about O&G?
I enjoy working in a family-owned & operated industry knowing that a project we do today will make an impact on many and be around for years to come.  I also enjoy working with the employees of this company who have so much knowledge about the industry and are teaching me the fundamental foundation of everything involved in our projects.  

What makes our company culture unique?
I find O&G unique for many reasons.  Not only for being a family-owned industry operating for over 100 years but also for the level of demand and production being executed at each location throughout Connecticut.  I also have an appreciation for this company as it consists of a variety of employees who make our everyday projects possible at all levels.

What’s one thing people don’t know about you that they would be surprised to discover?
A fun fact about myself that will surprise others is that I am getting married this year in November!

What’s one thing on your life bucket list?
One definite thing on my life bucket list is to travel to Ireland.