Women In Construction Week Spotlight: Liz Picard

Women In Construction Week Spotlight: Liz Picard

Liz Picard

Elizabeth (Liz) Picard, Estimator/Purchasing Agent

How long have you been in the construction industry?

30 years, 16 years at O&G

How did you get started in the construction industry?

I graduated from UCONN with a BS in Civil Engineering with concentrations in geotechnical design and environmental engineering. After graduation, I started as a project engineer for an environmental engineering firm following an internship.

Tell me about your role. My role at O&G is diverse.

I work in the building estimating department bidding on new general contracting (GC) work, purchasing successful bids, and preparing the contracts. Currently, I am performing project management duties on two of our transit projects. In addition, I monitor project costs for many GC projects and prepare O&G’s quarterly material escalation report.  

What’s most exciting/fulfilling about your role?

The diversity of my responsibilities is both exciting and fulfilling. I enjoy working on challenging projects from bid through the build. It’s also fulfilling to develop professional relationships with various O&G teams, subcontractors, and owners.

How does the company support you in your role?

I feel fortunate to work with such knowledgeable people in the estimating department and throughout O&G who are willing to share their expertise.

What’s your advice for other women looking to enter the construction industry?

The construction industry is challenging; you need to be assertive and resilient. Work hard and be open-minded, and the rewards will outweigh the challenges as you gain confidence, knowledge, and expertise in your field.