Women In Construction Week Spotlight: Kim Paolino

Women In Construction Week Spotlight: Kim Paolino

Kim Paolino, Hauler Driver, O&G New Milford Quarry

Kim Paolino

Tell us about your role.

I am a quarry truck driver at O&G’s New Milford Quarry. My hauler gets loaded with 65 tons of rock up to 100 times a day. Each load gets dumped into a hopper that crushes the rock into sand and stone for asphalt and concrete.

How did you get started in the construction industry?

I’m a 3rd generation truck driver. My Dad and grandfather were both members of the Teamsters union, as well as many uncles, cousins, and a brother-in-law. I joined in search of health insurance and retirement benefits. The Teamsters’ health insurance and pension plan are one of the best in the state. 

How long have you been in the construction industry?

36 years – I joined the industry in 1987 when I was 22. 

What’s most fulfilling about your role?

It’s fulfilling to work for a family-owned and operated business with coworkers who feel like family while also being able to provide for my own family!

How does the company support you in your role?

O&G has been accommodating and understanding of family obligations, which is essential to me as a working mother.

What’s been challenging in your role?

When I was younger, at every job site, I had to prove that I could do the job the same as any man. A certain confidence comes with age and experience.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Kim worked on a very challenging job last year. Project Manager Chris McPadden praised Kim, saying she set the bar high for all the other hauler drivers on the job!

What’s your advice for other women looking to enter the construction industry?

My advice is to be yourself and show up prepared. Any woman can work in construction, especially driving a truck. Most importantly, show up! Many coworkers depend on you.