Women In Construction Week Spotlight: Chelse Terry

Women In Construction Week Spotlight: Chelse Terry

Chelse Terry, Project Engineer, Latimer Lane School, Weatogue, CT

How long have you been in the construction industry?

Chelse Terry

I have been in the construction industry for almost seven years total, six months at O&G.

Tell us about your role.

I am onsite and assist the project manager and the superintendent daily with all the project needs. My main task is document control.

How did you get started in the construction industry?

I went to a technical high school, originally for hair, and fell in love with the carpentry trade! The rest is history.

What’s most exciting/fulfilling about your role?

Seeing the building come alive! I enjoy the entire process, seeing all the hard work the field team provides to get the job done.

How does the company support you in your role?

We are pretty independent; the company supports us by allowing us to be confident in our actions, with great mentors who show you how to be professional yet personal with the entire project team.

What’s your advice for other women looking to enter the construction industry?

Besides remaining confident, reach out to other women in the field! Set up lunches, create pages on social media, whatever you need to stay in contact, and avoid the feeling of isolation! It can be easy to feel alone, but you are not. In fact, you have tremendous support – just reach for it.

Please feel free to add anything additional that you would like to share. If you want to be in the field as a woman, great! If you want to do documentation or administrative work, that is great too! I think the most important part as we continue to integrate women into construction is to not get caught up in the role they labeled you as, nor should you care what someone thinks of your title. Keep learning, keep the interest, and the right position will find you. Or it will be created for you, so win, win!