PROJECT UPDATE: New Britain Fuel Cell

PROJECT UPDATE: New Britain Fuel Cell

The Energy & Innovation Park in New Britain has been seeing steady development over the past weeks. The project began with the demolition of a former Stanley Black and Decker manufacturing facility, creating a foundation for the 20 megawatts of clean fuel cell energy and 67 fuel cell units.

The project includes 7,500 LF of gas and water lines as well as over 3 miles of electrical conduit, all covered by 6,600 CY of thermal and engineered fill. The fuel cells will be highly efficient, with the capability of generating up to 300kw per unit without combustion using an ultra-clean electrochemical reaction. The project also plans to use heat-produced fuel cells to provide heating capabilities for nearby manufacturing businesses.

The next steps for the project will include the installation of all fuel cell units by Bloom Energy, followed by the electrical and mechanical connections to complete the system. Afterward will consist of work completing the switchgear installation and substation upgrade to support the sending of power from the fuel cell plant into the electrical grid to be used by customers. The plant is scheduled to be in service in early 2024.

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