Preconstruction: 5 Things You Should Know

Lorel Purcell, Preconstruction Manager; Greg Pomerleau, Project Manager; and Nick Castler, VDC Manager, review a clash detection report

Preconstruction: 5 Things You Should Know

1. What is preconstruction?
It’s the planning phase that happens before ground is broken for a construction project.

2. What’s involved?
Design decisions. Environmental studies. Risk analysis. Engineering and site evaluations. Engagement with stakeholders. Understanding “the vision.” Project scope and goals. Feasibility studies. Logistics. Cost estimating. Budget.

3. Why does it matter?
Collaboration = Better outcomes. Keeping estimated costs in line with budget. Minimizing the impact of construction on everyday life. Reducing “surprises.” Ensuring schedules are followed.

4. What are the variables that preconstruction can help avoid?
Late input from stakeholders. Unanticipated environmental requirements. Design changes. Materials changes. Project delays.

5. How do you sum up preconstruction in 4 words?
Make better decisions earlier.