Preconstruction: 5 Things To Remember

Lorel Purcell, Preconstruction Manager, meets with a project owner on a construction site

Preconstruction: 5 Things To Remember

At O&G, we have dedicated preconstruction professionals to ensure great outcomes. Here are some of the pointers we’ve picked up over time.

1. Perform cost estimates for each stage of the project. Do a conceptual estimate for the whole project. Then create a design/development phase estimate to validate scope, as well as detailed schematic estimates.

    2. Meet with local officials early in the process. Believe us, the whole process will go smoother.

    3. Resist “best case scenario” scheduling. Collaborate with all parties to arrive at a realistic work schedule. Anticipate and document variables in task completion and milestones.

    4. Use 3D BIM (Building Information Modeling) for detailed, accurate estimates. This results in efficient space planning for materials, and a better workflow.

    5. Make green certification a priority. Consult with sustainability experts who know the opportunities and requirements of early preconstruction decisions.