Preconstruction: 5 questions to ask your construction manager

A project team reviews blueprints

Preconstruction: 5 questions to ask your construction manager

5 key questions to ask your construction manager about their preconstruction practices – before you hire them.

1. What is your approach to project planning and preconstruction? Ask about organizational methods and how they develop schedules, detailed cost estimates, and feasibility studies.

2. How do you manage the design and documentation process? Construction involves multiple stakeholders, including architects, engineers, and subcontractors. Ask about systems in place to ensure smooth communication and collaboration when there are  design changes.

3. How do you handle project cost control and value engineering? Ask about cost tracking and reporting, change order management, and value engineering, which refers to finding alternatives or cost-saving measures without compromising quality.

4. What is your subcontractor prequalification process? Ask about how they select and qualify their subs, and how they ensure subcontractors meet licensing and insurance requirements. Don’t forget to ask if they perform past performance evaluations.

5. How do you address risk management during preconstruction? Inquire about how they identify and mitigate project risks, as well as their safety training, site inspections, and how they ensure compliance with applicable regulations and industry standards.

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