INTERN SPOTLIGHT: Paul Filak, Project Management Intern

INTERN SPOTLIGHT: Paul Filak, Project Management Intern

Paul is studying construction management at Central Connecticut State University. He has always enjoyed solving problems and being part of a team that is developing something new. This is Paul’s first internship, and he is working as a project management intern working in the Building Division for the Bowers and Keeney Elementary School project in Manchester, CT.

The most interesting part of Paul’s internship has been seeing a building physically come together and being involved with all the different people and processes in completing a project. Also, he has been going through the RFI’s and updating drawings, giving him a good understanding of the many challenges and changes that occurred throughout the project. Paul has been enjoying the open culture of O&G and he is able to learn a lot while having great guidance if he has any questions.

After graduating, Paul plans to become a project engineer and then work his way up to becoming a project manager. A fun fact about Paul is that he speaks Polish!

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