INTERN SPOTLIGHT: Alexa Ayers,Architectural CAD Intern

INTERN SPOTLIGHT: Alexa Ayers,Architectural CAD Intern

Alexa is currently a rising sophomore at Norwich University studying Architecture. Whether it was visiting museums when she was younger, fancy city buildings, or even her grandparents’ timber frame house – Alexa has always been intrigued by architecture. In high school she took a 3D home design course, allowing her to realize she could eventually pursue her passion as a career.  

Although this is her first internship, Alexa has already been enjoying her time at O&G working on CAD drafting projects for the Masonry Division at Beacon Falls. Specifically, she has been working on drafting for multiple patios and caps for Yale University, bluestone windowsills, and some L-shaped stones for Mike’s Old Round Hill Club in Greenwich. She enjoyed the drafting for one of the Yale patios – which required her to draw 500 individual pavers into the CAD workspace with proper placement and dimensions.

After she graduates, Alexa plans to continue her studies at Norwich University and obtain a master’s in architecture. With additional studying and internship hours, she plans to get her architecture license as well. Alexa dreams of traveling abroad in the future so that she can see and learn more about foreign architecture!

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