INTERN SPOTLIGHT: Adam Buckley, Project Engineering Intern

INTERN SPOTLIGHT: Adam Buckley, Project Engineering Intern

After originally choosing to major in architecture, Adam decided to change to study construction management at Utica University, combining his passion of building and construction with his interest in business.

Adam is a project engineer intern within O&G’s Industrial Division. He has been participating in the office work needed for a project before it gets started, including QTO’s, submittals, work plans, identifying hazards, and emailing material suppliers. He has then been spending time in the field to see his work done in the office then translated onto the job site.

One of the most interesting aspects for Adam has been getting his first batch of submittals approved, as this was his first-time completing real submittals other than for school assignments. He says it’s great knowing that he did everything correctly the first time around. A fun fact about Adam is that he does not own a single pair of white socks! Only socks with design and color that he wears to express himself and interests in a business setting.

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