A Special Thanks to Our Long-Term Employees Embarking on a New Chapter

A Special Thanks to Our Long-Term Employees Embarking on a New Chapter

We would like to bid a fond farewell to the valued employees who are embarking on retirement: Lynn Besanceney, John Jacobs, Ken Korus, and Linda Laporte. Your unwavering commitment and loyalty towards O&G have left an indelible impact on our growth, prosperity, and overall atmosphere.

It’s not an everyday occurrence where we get a chance to appreciate and thank employees who have seen this organization evolve through the years and who, through their determination and dedication, have shaped it into what it is today. We say a heartfelt thank you for all you have done.

The significant roles you’ve played have not gone unnoticed or unappreciated. As you step into this well-deserved, relaxing stage in life, we would like you to remember how much you mean to O&G and every team member here. We wish you good health, happiness, and exciting new beginnings in your retirement years. Please know that you’ll always be a cherished member of the O&G family.

With regards,
The Oneglia Family and Officers of O&G

Lynn Besanceney, Administrative Assistant, Contracts Administration, 44 Years of Service

With 44 years under her belt at O&G, Lynn’s career journey began at an insurance company followed by Timex before finding her “home” at O&G. Throughout her tenure, Lynn made notable accomplishments but found her passion in collaborating with preconstruction managers to fine-tune bid packages.

Retirement Plans: Lynn is eager to travel in her retirement. Since her three brothers live in different parts of the country, she can now devote more time to visiting each of them. She’s also excited to finally tackle the projects around her home that she hasn’t had a chance to complete.

John Jacobs, IT Developer, 40 Years of Service

John has worked as a programmer and developer for the IT Department his entire 40-year career. He is credited for connecting the company network to the internet and setting up the company’s first email system.

John shared about his time at O&G, “I was fortunate to work with and be mentored by some of the O&G greats like Sonny Savanella, Reece Hoben, and Ken Merz. Some of the advice they gave me I’ve used my entire career. It’s been a privilege working for O&G, and I’m grateful to the company owners for providing me with a good job for my whole career.”

Retirement Plans: An avid camper, John, will take longer camping trips in retirement. He also plans to ride his bicycle in new places, go snowmobiling and ATVing, and take walks with his three Shetland Sheepdogs. But you cannot take the IT out of John’s retirement; he’s also planning on crafting with his CNC routers, laser cutters, and 3d printers.

Parting words of Wisdom: “I’ve found that doing a good job speaks for itself, and the company owners appreciate good, reliable employees.”

Ken Korus, Cost Accountant, 32 Years of Service

Ken was hired by Tim Goss and Rich Hall in 1991 as a Cost Accountant. His career here has left an impact on Ken that he will carry with him for life.

“Few at O&G get to see the financial legacy put in place by George, Francis, and Ray Sr. Their dedication to and vision for O&G, the employees, and their family is truly amazing. It has been an honor to have been entrusted by the Oneglia family and officers to perform my duties, from projects to plants to involvement in the family legacy. My workdays were always filled with interactions with many O&G departments, making numerous friends throughout my career. Some former employees who helped me along the way include Joel Taylor, Gene Sternberg, Reece Hoben, Ernie Torrizo, Joel Weinstein, and Ed Currie. Cheers to the Oneglia family and everyone at O&G!”

Retirement Plans: Ken will join his wife, Lee Ann, who is already retired. They plan to spend their time camping, watching live music, and continuing to enjoy their lives together. 

Linda Laporte, Administrative Assistant, Building Estimating, 31 Years of Service 

Linda’s career at O&G has been a winding (and busy!) road. She started with O&G in 1982, working for Reece Hoben and Ernie Torrizo in the Estimating Department. She left the company in 1990 after her second child was born, returning full-time in 2000. During those 10 years, she kept a foot in the door by filling in for people on vacation and doing some work from home. When she returned in 2000, she worked in the Building Typing Department. She filled in for the Contract Administrator while on maternity leave. Everything eventually came full circle when she rejoined the Estimating Department. 

About her career, Linda says she “was lucky to have worked with Francis Oneglia, Greg Oneglia, Ernie Torizzo, and Reece Hoben and see the growth and transformation of O&G into what it is today.”

Retirement Plans: Linda and her husband plan to travel the country in their camper with their dogs.