New I-91 North Exit 29 in Hartford Opens

New I-91 North Exit 29 in Hartford Opens

Traveling along Interstate 91 North in Hartford is expected to become smoother because of a newly built Exit 29, which connects to Routes 5 and 15 and Interstate 84 East, will be open.

The area has been a source of congestion for decades and drivers complain that it’s been a headache.

“People are trying to get on and squeeze in and it’s so tight,” Christopher Wishart, of Hartford said.

“Even if you’re on the ramp, they give you no chance. They just cut you off. They give you no chance to get off the exit,” Hector Vega, of Hartford added.

As of today, the left side exit is part of the Charter Oak Bridge Congestion Buster Project, which has cost the state about $240 million.

From January 2018 through April of this year, there were more than 370 crashes in this area with 85 injuries, according to the state Department of Transportation.

“You will be on the left side of the road as far back as Wethersfield. You don’t have to slow down. You don’t have to merge. Just continue,” said CT DOT Project Engineer Juan Ruiz.

While some think this is a long-time coming, other said they traveled along I-91 north today and didn’t see much change.

“It’s actually a great idea. I think it will help traffic to flow a lot easier,” Wishart added.

“I was trying to ramp up, but cars kept cutting each other so you gotta slow down to the point where you’re almost doing like 30 miles an hour on the highway to let people over because they’re going to hit you or cut you off,” said Vega.

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